Smile Hub Club

currently available for patients at Linklaters only

Would you like to…

Improve your dental health?
Save money on your routine dental care?

Join The Smile Hub Club – our private, monthly membership!

What are the benefits of joining The Smile Hub Club?

1: Looks after your dental health

Thanks to regular visits with the Dentist and Hygienist.

2: Saves you money

Exclusive 10% discount on most treatments for club members only.

3: Spreads the cost

Your routine care is covered by a convenient monthly Direct Debit.

4: Saves you time

Smile Hub is located on site for your convenience.

5: Provides peace of mind

Includes insurance for accidents and emergencies.

The Smile Hub Club FAQs

What is the Smile Hub Club?

Exclusive to Linklaters, the Smile Hub Club is a membership with the onsite dental practice based in the medical centre. Members are able to access their maintenance care at a lower cost as well as receive an additional 10% discount on standard fee items.

How does the membership work?

Once you join, you are entitled to one visit with the Dentist for the Total Oral Health Screen and two visits with the Hygienist per annum. If you need any further treatment items such as fillings, crowns and splints you receive a 10% discount on these. In addition to these benefits you have an emergency dental cover which can be used both here and abroad.

How much does it cost?

There is a one off £10 administration fee when you join followed by £20.50 is per month by direct debit. The minimum membership is for 12 months.

What do I need to do to join?

Simply complete the joining form and Direct Debit Mandate which are available at Smile Hub. Once completed you can access your first visit with both the Dentist or the Hygienist straight away. The emergency dental cover is active 14 days after you join.

Will it work for me?

Yes! We already have over 200 members. You have the convenience of the practice being located on-site as well as lower fees for your maintenance care. As you are paying by Direct Debit you don’t need to worry about paying. We don’t require any previous dental history or pre-exam to join. If you do need any additional standard treatment you will get the 10% off this saving you more money.

What next?

For more information or to join please email us at
If you would like to make an appointment at our Linklaters clinic, please book online here.

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