Invisalign Braces in City of London

Invisalign and the iTero Scanner

Invisalign is one of the most popular straightening systems available. Almost invisible, the removable aligners are individually manufactured to your teeth and are changed every two weeks, gradually moving your teeth. Over 4 million people have already had Invisalign treatment worldwide.

Smile Hub is the proud owner of the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner, read more here. This is the latest technology available to digitally capture a 3D model of your teeth and gums. It is both faster and provides superior detail to traditional impression taking.

In addition to your scan we can use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to show you what your new smile might look like. This unique service lets you see very early on what kind of result you could achieve with Invisalign.

“Smile Hub is proud to have earned the status of being a Platinum Invisalign provider”

This means that we are experienced Invisalign providers with a proven track record of successfully completing cases.

Once you have decided to proceed with Invisalign, your scan is used to create your virtual 3D treatment plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan). This allows us to discuss with your treatment goals and demonstrate how these have been met at the end of the your Invisalign treatment.

It shows us the series of movements your teeth will go through during the course of the treatment. Once you are happy we approve the plan and your aligners are printed.
Once we get started we will see you every 6-8 weeks to check your progress and provide the next sets of aligners until your treatment is finished.

Your Dentist will also discuss with you what retainers will be suitable at the end of your treatment to hold your teeth in their new position. We recommend you have retainers for life.

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Cost of Invisalign

Prices start from £1,600 for Simple Invisalign. This is subject to satisfactory oral health and oral hygiene. An examination will cost £64 and a scan of both jaws is an additional £65. This need to be carried out prior to starting treatment.

Invisalign Lite Case 6 Months

invisalign-lite-case1-upper-before invisalign-lite-case1-upper-after invisalign-lite-case1-lower-before invisalign-lite-case1-lower-after

Invisalign Full Case 11 Months

invisalign-full-case1-lower-before invisalign-full-case1-lower-after invisalign-full-case1-upper-before invisalign-full-case1-upper-after

Invisalign downloads

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Invisalign testimonial videos

Please note that all straightening treatments qualify for Interest Free Finance subject to the terms of the finance provider.

Invisalign FAQs

Invisalign® aligners are designed to fit easily into your lifestyle. You’ll wear them for around 22 hours every day, only removing them to eat, brush, and floss.

Every two weeks, you switch to a new set of aligners. The series of aligners will gradually move your teeth into their final prescribed position. In order for us to monitor your progress and provide your next batch of aligners, you’ll visit your Dentist every 6-8 weeks.

Benefits of Invisalign®

There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign® over traditional braces.

Aligners are virtually invisible, so hardly anyone will notice that you are straightening your teeth.

The treatment allows you to maintain your dental hygiene and brush and floss as normal.

The aligners can be removed for eating, drinking or special occasions.

There is less chance of irritation on your mouth and gums since there are no brackets or wires on the aligners.

From the start, you’ll know how long your treatment will take and what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the process.

How does the process work?

An average treatment takes between 9 and 18 months and is made up of the following steps:

  1. A free consultation with one of our certified Invisalign® practitioners. They will be able to demonstrate the Invisalign® aligners and assess your case for suitability. If you would like to have an Invisalign® treatment plan formulated, you will need to have had a full examination and a screening film so we can check your teeth are gums and healthy prior to starting. Diagnostics will be taken, photographs of your smile and impressions, and these records with your x-rays are sent to Invisalign® to have treatment plan formulated.
  2. A virtual 3D image known as your 'clin check' is then generated. This shows us movement of your teeth from the current position to the desired final position.
  3. Using your 'clin check' we can show you the process of your treatment, the proposed final position of your teeth and the number of aligners you will need to move your teeth.
  4. We will then work with you to approve the plan and arrange a set of bespoke aligners to be printed and despatched so we can start treatment.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

As with any teeth-straightening treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain the straighter position of your teeth. We prefer to provide both and fixed and removable retainer to maintain the new position of your teeth. This will be discussed as part of your treatment.

Can you tell me more about the cost?

Invisalign® costs from £1,600 - £3,600 depending on the complexity. In the majority of cases we need to treat both top and bottom teeth to create the right amount of space to move teeth into alignment. The cost of retainers is £200 per arch. We are able to offer interest free finance spreading the cost of your care from between 6 and 24 months depending on what suits your budget. This is subject to credit approval. We have the application forms available on-site so please just ask a member of the team.