Home Teeth Whitening kits in City of London

Our nightly tooth whitening programme is both gentle and safe. It provides our clients with the best results when compared with in-office or day time tooth whitening.

The offer includes:

  • A free consultation to assess the colour of your teeth and the correct programme of care
  • 3 easy appointments to manage your whitening with one of our dentists*
  • 3 easy payments over 3 months
  • A tooth whitening kit including tooth paste, tooth whitening trays and 20 whitening gels
  • Easy to understand instruction pack to get you off to the best start
  • Before and after photos
  • We will give you a 10% discount on our Total Oral Health Screen examination and a Hygiene appointment if you have not had these services in the past 12 months

*Based on our Standard home tooth whitening programme. We offer 3 different programmes depending on the initial shade and condition of your teeth.

If you require intermediate or advanced tooth whitening the cost and number of appointments will be advised by the Dentist. The £50 discount applies to all programmes.

Terms and Conditions apply

If you have not seen a Dentist or Hygienist in the past 12 months we will offer you 10% off these services prior to starting your whitening.

If you would like more information please book a free cosmetic consultation at your local Smile Hub Clinic.

For Linklaters call 020 7456 2014 or send us an email.
For Freshfields call 020 7832 7134 or send us an email.
For UBS call 020 7567 5100 or send us an email.

Alternatively fill in our enquiry form.

All dental treatment at Smile Hub over £400 can be financed interest free subject meeting the terms and conditions of the finance company. Please ask a member of the team if you are interested in more information.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Click here to download our Teeth Whitening Fact Sheet.

Terms and Conditions

Download the Terms & Conditions of our Spring 2018 Tooth Whitening Offer PDF.

View our Patient Presentation for Tooth Whitening

Download our Patient Presentation for Tooth Whitening PDF.



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