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For many of us, looking and feeling our best improves our self-confidence.

Healthy Skin

Wanting to look your best
At Smile Hub Facial Aesthetics, we offer a holistic approach to improving your skin health and help you get the results you are looking for. We have a dedicated medi-spa room to help our clients enjoy the time they are spending looking after their health and appearance.

Getting your skin ready
None of us like the look of skin that is tired, dull or has uneven pigmentation. These problems need to be treated first improve the appearance of your skin and its overall condition.

Our program starts with medical grade skin care products so you can experience skin that feels and looks healthy.

The best results are achieved with a comprehensive skin care program used daily to look after your skin and protect it from the effects of the environment and aging.

We have chosen the ZO range of skin care products to provide you will an end to end range of high-quality products that work. For some of our clients this alone may be enough to achieve the healthy-looking skin they desire.

Therapeutic treatments at Smile Hub

The next step after skin health is our range of treatments to improve fine lines, creases, and wrinkles where the muscles have relaxed or there is a lack of volume.

What are anti-wrinkle and filler treatments?

Relaxation and softening of facial lines and creases can be achieved by selective and precise injection targeting certain facial muscles, using exceptionally fine needles. These treatments are designed to temporarily block the signal from nerves to muscles, resulting in decreased muscle contraction and, therefore, less wrinkling of the overlying skin.

Where there is a loss of volume, fillers can be injected to restore the volume and plump up the skin.

What does skin treatments have to do with your teeth?

At Smile Hub we appreciate that excellent oral health and a confident smile is enhanced by healthy and attractive looking skin. If you are considering whitening your teeth to improve your smile so it looks clean and healthy then imagine the result when you surround your new smile with clearer looking skin as well? If you are whitening your teeth to achieve a younger looking smile, focusing on improving skin texture and reducing fine lines will give a overall more youthful appearance than just whiter teeth alone.

We have a range of dental treatments that work well with other aesthetic treatments:

  • Tooth whitening to improve tooth colour – it is the safest and the easiest way to make a difference to your smile with little treatment involved for most cases.
  • Invisalign tooth straightening packages that align your teeth and include tooth whitening as well so you can do both treatments at the same time.
  • Composite bonding to restore worn edges, close gaps between teeth and cover areas affected by gum recession which look yellow.

Complimentary pre-consultations are available to discuss skin care and facial aesthetic options.

From the comfort of your home or office you can discuss your skin concerns and what treatment options we have available at Smile Hub.

When you are ready to get started, we reserve an appointment for you with Dr Cath Freestone who will do a facial assessment and consultation and recommend what skin treatments will give you the best aesthetic results to fit with your lifestyle and budget.

Our treatment options include medical grade skin care from ZO Skin Health to injectable options to help improve skin health, radiance and reduce the effects of photo damage and aging. Whether it’s a better quality of skincare or more advanced facial treatment options we offer a holistic approach so you can all your aesthetic treatments under one roof.

Consultations cost £50 and this can be redeemed against any skin care or treatment within 60 days.

Smile Hub Facial Aesthetics is exclusively available at our Spitalfields clinic.

Why have treatment with Dr Cath?

Dr Cath is principal dentist at Smile Hub with over 20 years experience practising in the City of London. Having helped countless clients transform their smiles with a range a cosmetic procedures, Dr Cath found her clients’ attention then focused on their face and skin, and she wanted to help them achieve their desired goals.

To read more about Dr Cath, and find out why you should choose us for your skin care needs, please click here.

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