Home Teeth Whitening Kits in the City of London

If you are concerned about the colour of your teeth and are looking for a convenient option, then home whitening may be for you. Professional teeth whitening involves using a special gel loaded into custom fit tooth whitening trays to lighten your teeth. Wearing the trays on consecutive nights for a prescribed period lightens your teeth by several shades. Our system is both gentle and safe and gives more predictable results than daytime or in-office tooth whitening.

Home teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits include toothpaste, tooth whitening trays and 20 whitening gels. Your bespoke whitening trays are created from moulds taken by your dentist and are designed to fit your mouth comfortably. Successful home teeth whitening requires you to use your kit for consecutive nights over several weeks. The exact number of weeks will vary from patient to patient.

Home teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening can provide significant results. Yellow or yellow-brown teeth lighten more easily than grey or grey-brown teeth. If antibiotics, root canal therapy or trauma have caused your discolouration you may need additional whitening. If treatment is interrupted, the degree of whitening will be lessened and more time may be needed. We provide before and after photos, free of charge, to help you appreciate the improvement and for future monitoring.

At your convenience

We offer convenient home whitening at all our clinics. Costs vary depending on the initial shade and condition of your teeth. We offer a 10% discount on a hygienist visit and our Total Oral Health Screen prior to treatment, if you have not accessed these services in the past 12 months.

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To find out more about home teeth whitening please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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