In-office Teeth Whitening in the City of London

Smile Hub offer in-office teeth whitening at all our clinics. While generally not as effective or long lasting as home whitening, in-office whitening has a number of advantages. As the procedure is supervised by your dentist, a stronger gel can be used for more immediate results. This may also be the best option if you are unable to sleep with whitening trays at night or just want to refresh the colour of your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, when overseen by a dental professional, is a very effective method of lightening the natural colour of your teeth. It is more conservative than other cosmetic procedures, such as the placement of veneers, and is suitable for teeth that have been stained by food, drink or smoking, or have suffered damage from trauma or the taking of antibiotics.

In-office whitening results

The results of in-office whitening are less predictable than those from home whitening and will depend on your starting colour, the condition of your enamel, and your dietary and social habits. More than one visit by one of our dentists is usually required and the amount of improvement per visit can be difficult to predict. Any improvements from in-office boost appointments will last approximately three to six months. For the very best results from in-office whitening, we recommend you combine it with a home tooth whitening programme.

At your convenience

In-office teeth whitening is available at all our clinics, with boost appointments take approximately an hour. The cost for each appointment is £395.

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To find out more about in-office teeth whitening please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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