Non-vital Teeth Whitening in the City of London

At Smile Hub we are pleased to offer non-vital teeth whitening for teeth that cannot be successfully whitened from the outside.

Non-vital teeth whitening

Staining is usually on the outside but, from time to time, teeth can become discoloured from the inside. This intrinsic discolouration of the dentine inside the tooth can occur following root canal and trauma. The term non-vital refers to the fact that these teeth have damaged nerves and are no longer living.

The non-vital teeth whitening procedure

In order to achieve satisfactory colour results for non-vital teeth, it can be necessary to bleach them from the inside out. Following a radiography examination, the dentist will place the whitening gel either in a tray or inside the back of the tooth. Many patients see the results of non-vital teeth whitening in a few days but achieving satisfactory results depends on a number of factors and more time may be required and more than one application. If the gel is placed within the tooth the access cavity will need to be sealed with a small composite filling on completion.

At your convenience

We offer convenient non-vital teeth whitening treatment at all our clinics. The cost is £375 per appointment and more than one appointment may be required. All Smile Hub treatments over £500 can be financed, interest free, subject to the finance company terms and conditions. Please ask a member of our team for more information.

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To find out more about non-vital teeth whitening please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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