On Site Dental Care in City of London

Smile Hub provides a bespoke, on-site dental care service for large companies interested in delivering a complete range of employee benefits.

In the heart of the City of London

With over 15 years of experience in corporate city dental care, we know exactly what it takes to provide a modern and well-utilised service.

Our range of services

We offer a complete range of on-site dental care including our own Total Oral Health Screen, oral cancer screening, hygiene care, orthodontics and emergency appointments. Your staff can access a comprehensive range of services provided by experienced clinicians.

Our clinics are modern and in line with what our demographic of patients expect. We are paperless clinic and use the latest scanning technology to provide both monitoring and cosmetic treatments.

Dental Treatments Restorative Treatments

Smile Hub Spitalfields

Health. Confidence. Trust

You are in safe hands

Smile Hub is conversant with the high levels of compliance required to operate a dental service. We understand the importance of requirements from Health and Safety through to Information Security. Our attention to detail has ensured we are awarded the BDA Good Practice Scheme.

Our brand-new clinic at Spitalfields City of London meets best practice standards keeping our clients safe while accessing a broad range of care. We have medical grade air filtration, enhanced PPE, and the ability to open windows and ventilate our clinic in keeping with the latest guidelines.

Services tailored to your requirements

With a long track record in both the legal and banking community, we have vast experience in tailoring our services to best meet corporate requirements. Our specialist software can deliver key reporting data. We work with our corporate clients to promote company health messages through marketing plan development and promotions, including road shows.

As a specialist provider we provide a level of service and technology in our clinics that is superior to our competitors. From the latest the scanning technology to WhatsApp messaging we are in touch with what your employees both want and need.

We are constantly innovating our service offering and will soon be launching a Total Health Screen service for general medical tests which can be combined with a dental visit. This screen educates our clients about the link between oral health and general health and how to reduce the risk of cardiac problems, diabetes and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

In just 15 minutes we can provide a screen for cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, BMI and height to weight ratio.

Health Screens

Excellent customer service record

Smile Hub has a 5* rating on Trustpilot with over 300 client reviews. We invest in our team to ensure that they can give our clients the experience they expect. Members of our clinical team have undertaken post-graduate level study so we can offer a high standard of care and avoid costly specialist referrals for our clients.

We are always updating our provision and regularly review and utilise client feedback, gathered from our on-going reviews.

Contact us

If you are considering a new dental service or renewing your existing arrangement, please contact Catherine Freestone cath@smile-hub.co.uk and arrange a call to discuss how Smile Hub can work with you. We offer a valuable hassle free benefit for your staff and access to a dental care service they can rely on.

"Recently visited Smile Hub's Spitalfields new and totally Covid compliant surgery for overdue check-up and hygienist appointment. Both were carried out by Cath Freestone my outstanding dentist for many years. Very helpful and efficient Reception Team. Excellent service and highly recommend Cath and Smile Hub." Mary OReilly
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