Oral Health Screening in the City of London

If you'd like an affordable and comprehensive oral health check in the city of london then our highly experienced and expert oral health team can help.

At Smile Hub we understand the importance of regular examinations and offer our bespoke Total Oral Health Screen.

The Smile Hub Oral Health Screen

At Smile Hub we take health screening seriously and have developed our own Total Oral Health Screen. This is standardised examination which checks over 20 different areas of your oral health.

When required we take dental x-rays to check the areas between your teeth and the level of bone that supports your teeth. At the end of your appointment your dentist will give you a verbal report on the health of your mouth.

We highlight what is healthy and needs to be maintained as well as any areas that require improvement. We have an intra-oral camera that we can use to show you what is going on in your own mouth and record any areas we are monitoring.

Smile Hub Spitalfields

Health. Confidence. Trust

Digital scanning and screening

All of our dental x-rays are digital and processed in seconds while you wait. We also have the iTero scanner available. This technology enables us to monitor recession, tooth wear and tooth movement by taking consecutive scans of your teeth.

The 3D model of your mouth enables us to see any changes with a 0.2mm accuracy.

Many of our clients are concerned about changes with these areas and appreciate the transparency here.

At your convenience

We recommend our Total Oral Health Screen to all new patients and attendance is convenient at our new Spitalfields clinic.

The cost for a Total Oral Health Screen is £95.00 for all new patients this price includes two x-rays normally charged at £36.00.

To find out more about our oral health screening please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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