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Bite Splints & Mouth Guards in the City of London

The Smile Hub team can provide bespoke bite splints and mouth guards to help alleviate the symptoms of a painful jaw joint and protect your teeth. We offer this service at all of our clinics.

Bite Splints

Demanding busy lives, and stress from work can impact our teeth, causing tooth wear and sometimes discomfort. We are familiar with the signs and make a bite splint for people who suffer with grinding or clenching of their teeth. Worn overnight, the bite guard will help protect your teeth.

If you are concerned that you might be suffering with any of these symptoms, please discuss with on of the Smile Hub team. We routinely check this as part of the Total Oral Health Screening.

The price of the custom fit bite splint is from £395.

Mouth guards

Mouth guards fit over your teeth, usually the upper teeth to protect teeth from sports injury. Bespoke custom-fitted mouth guards are made from either an impression or a scan taken by your dentist. A custom-made mouth guard will offer the most protection and be the most comfortable to wear. This treatment requires and impression or scan of your teeth followed by fitting 1-2 weeks later.

To find out more about bite splints & mouth guards please contact your local Smile Hub clinic:

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